LUX Online Exhibition: The Allusive Portrait

Five films from the LUX collection in search of a elusive subject. Anne McGuire relentlessly stalks and serenades a baseball legend as he strolls the San Francisco docks in Joe Dimaggio 1,2, 3; Stephen Connolly’s Film For Tom creates an elliptical act of remembrance for a deceased friend; Margaret Salmon’s PS is an elegiac and abstracted portrait of a relationship in crisis; Luke Fowler’s Bogman Palmjaguar explores the life an ex-patient of the radical psychiatrist R.D. Laing through the threatened habitat of Scotland’s Flow Country, while David Larcher’s Granny’s I’s invokes his deceased grandmother through a heavily processed clash of digital and analogue video. 

Works in the Exhibition:

       David Larcher has been working in film/video media for over 20 years. He has made a series of epic experimental films and a number of works for television. Granny’s Is is a semiological portrait of a personal and often painful relationship. From Proustian remembrance to post-aesthetic fragmentation, the tape presents a kaleidoscopic challenge to the viewer.



The artist stalks and serenades Joe Dimaggio in her car as he strolls the docks unaware that she is videotaping his every step.


 An abstract portrait of a middle aged man, weaving together iconography from a range of film genres including classic Hollywood films from the 40’s and New Deal documentaries. P.S. attempts to unravel the nuances of personality & character portrayal through the interaction of sound and image. As a couple engage in an argument, which carries on over the course of an evening, we watch a man, presumably the man speaking, working the land & going about his chores, smoking, walking through a forest and watching fireworks.


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